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Your Story Begins...

Tal'Mahe'Ra, also known as the True Black Hand or Manus Nigrum, an ancient death-cult devoted to the worship of a cabal of beings known as the Aralu, whom it believed to be Gods of the Underworld, that slept in the ghost-city of Enoch deep within the lands of the dead.

(Just a casual gathering of friends and family. We're apart of the Ministry of Chaos Gaming Community / Tal'Mahe'Ra Clan. We're a family oriented, no expectation community, that supports veterans, parents single and dual who game, and many more!)
The Ministry of Chaos began as a roleplaying guild on AOL's Rhydin chatrooms 20+ years ago. Over the course of it's very long life, it has undergone changes, such as within the year 2017 it reformed into a gaming community with the mission to bring like-minded individuals together in a casual, no expectation environment. The community itself gained members, lost some, but still we're going strong, fulfilling our mission to the utmost best of our abilities. Spreading across the gaming realms like a fire, born of chaos. And through that chaos, we shall find unity, and peace. We game, and that is enough, especially with friends, and family.