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Tal'Mahe'Ra, also known as the True Black Hand or Manus Nigrum, an ancient death-cult devoted to the worship of a cabal of beings known as the Aralu, whom it believed to be Gods of the Underworld, that slept in the ghost-city of Enoch deep within the lands of the dead.

(Just a casual gathering of friends and family. We're apart of the Ministry of Chaos Gaming Community / Tal'Mahe'Ra Clan. We're a family oriented, no expectation community, that supports veterans, parents single and dual who game, and many more!)



We as a community are here to help you, in any of the games that we all play. Whether it be Destiny 2, EVE Online, GTA V, and more.
We have no expectations of regular activity. We are a casual, friendly, family oriented community, built on the foundations of friendship, and equality.

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