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Your Story Begins...

Tal'Mahe'Ra, also known as the True Black Hand or Manus Nigrum, an ancient death-cult devoted to the worship of a cabal of beings known as the Aralu, whom it believed to be Gods of the Underworld, that slept in the ghost-city of Enoch deep within the lands of the dead.

(Just a casual gathering of friends and family. We're apart of the Ministry of Chaos Gaming Community / Tal'Mahe'Ra Clan. We're a family oriented, no expectation community, that supports veterans, parents single and dual who game, and many more!)
The Rules of the Clan are very simple principles, almost a creedo of sorts.

ʚ Respect: It's earned, not given freely. However, respect for your fellow members are indeed a must, unless they don't show any in return.
ʚ Honesty: Speaking your mind, always. We welcome it. But, be mindful of disrespect.
ʚ Rectitude: The power to decide on a course of conduct in accordance to reason, without wavering.
ʚ Courage: Doing what is right, when it calls for it.
ʚ Honor: A vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth.
ʚ Loyalty: Allegiance to friends, family, or those considered, and clan.
ʚ Character & Self-Control: Behave in accordance to an absolute moral standard, one that transcends logic. What's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong.
ʚ Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others, as you wish to be treated. ʚ And as always, practice what you preach!
ʚ Most of all: HAVE FUN!